15 Best Free Online GED Classes

The GED is one of the most popular exams in the United States and Canada. Thousands of applicants are admitted each year, however, there are free online GED classes to help you prepare for the exam.

People usually get nervous when thinking about studying for exams or searching for tools and resources to help them do well on exams.

The free online GED lessons mentioned in this post are one such resource that will help you even more and increase your chances of passing the test with ease.

Anyone can enroll in these free online GED classes. From high school seniors to individuals seeking a diploma.

You have a higher chance of improving your test scores if you enroll in one of these classes.

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15 Best Free Online GED Classes

The best free online GED classes include:

1. Friendly house

Friendly House wasn’t the name I expected for a free online GED platform, but the platform offers so much more than that.

By providing assistance in education, employment, and family support. Basic needs and immigration So it’s no surprise that they offer free online GED classes.

2. Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Allegheny County residents can take free online GED lessons from Goodwill. Evening and afternoon online classes fit your busy schedule.

Goodwill’s GED prep has many benefits. For example, they can help you pay for the GED test. You can take the test at Goodwill as it is an official testing center. And they can help you find work with resume writing, job searches, and interview preparation.

3. Cedeno

Cedeno offers free online GED classes for adults. There are also resources in all four areas. It helps you prepare thoroughly and feel confident on test day.

4. USA Hello

USAHello is one of the free online GED schools that provide useful information to prepare for the exam. You can study each GED class one by one whenever you choose.

5. Study.com

Number five on our list of free online GED programs is Study.com, which offers international and local study materials. Study.com has free GED study guides that are helpful and may help you pass the exam.

6. Dallas Public Library

The Dallas Public Library offers GED classes online and in person. You can join online classes from anywhere. Call to set up If you intend to study an online course but no computer Use the library

7. Test preparation tool kit

Test Prep Kits offer endless GED prep materials. This website offers free online GED classes. All four GED subjects have lessons. Practice test and learning media

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8. Official GED Testing Service

Official GED Testing Service offers online test prep services. There are live online classes. recorded lessons and thousands of practice questions online. In addition to preparing for the exam You can also take the GED test online if you wish.

9. Kaplan

Kaplan offers self-paced courses on almost any device. Students can access practice tests and GED-aligned questions on their phones or laptops.

10. Prepare UGO

UGO Prep offers free online GED lessons and a premium comprehensive course curriculum. The crash course includes practice questions. Mock test and study guide

11. GED Live

GED Live is an online GED class. The course is interactive. Both live and recorded lessons are available.

In addition, classes last 60-90 minutes. Each semester includes either math or social studies. Therefore, it helps you gain GED-specific skills and knowledge.

12. GED Institute

Essential Education’s GED Academy is online and focuses on specific competencies of the GED test. GED Academy provides lessons that build college and career skills.

13. Review the GED practice test.

These resources are free. But there are other resources. that you can purchase to expand your learning

You can also take a self-assessment test. These tests will help you identify your weak points. So you can focus on those points and spend less time elsewhere.

14. GED Practice Test

This website allows you to choose your practice tests. You can take math and science exams if you’re not good at language arts and social studies. This allows you to study the most important topics.

15. Union Test Preparation

Union Test Prep has the most amazing free GED prep. They focus on GED test topics.

These tools teach math, science, social studies, reading, and language arts. Use items as needed. All are online


Free online GED programs are available to help increase your test score. Taking the GED test can be difficult, but these five GED exam chapters will help you be adequately prepared and have everything you need to get ahead.

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