Smart Business: Benefits, Costs, and Services

Sending money abroad for business purposes? Wise Business offers an affordable and convenient solution.

This article will provide an in-depth look at Wise Business and its key benefits. Related costs and services offered

Whether you want to make payments to foreign suppliers Compensate contractors abroad or issue invoices to customers around the world This payment platform facilitates smooth money transfers.

Award-winning platform Transparent low fees and dedicated support helps businesses Money can be easily moved abroad.

Main Benefits of Wise Business

Here are some of the benefits of using Wise Business:

1. Special exchange rate

Wise Business offers better exchange rates than traditional banks and other money transfer platforms.

Prices reflect true mid-market rates with very low markups. This greatly expands the value of your money when transferring between currencies.

2. Fast transfer time

There are fast money transfers. This usually takes within 1-3 business days. Need money somewhere urgently?

Upgraded express shipping option reaches over 80 countries within 24 hours when sending certain currency combinations.

3. Low and transparent fees

Wise Business charges a flat upfront fee for transfers starting at just 0.4% plus a small flat fee depending on the amount sent.

There are no hidden costs or surprising add-ons like some providers. Fee estimator helps you calculate costs before sending.

4. Local account details

They provide local bank account details and invoicing capabilities in over 50 countries.

This means you can receive money directly without an intermediary bank. Increase speed and reduce fees

5. Maximum safety

Uses comprehensive encryption and protection to protect data and money transfers. Accounts require two-factor authentication for added security.

Wise meets strict regulatory requirements as an authorized money transmitter.

6. 24/7 customer service.

The platform offers responsive multilingual customer support via phone, email, and online chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Subject matter experts can answer questions, resolve problems, and help optimize your use of Wise services.

7. Reporting and Tracking

Powerful reporting and tracking features allow you to monitor the real-time status of your transfers. View details of past transactions and create custom reports on your Wise Business account activity. Keep up to date with all your money movements.

8. Business and user information

Administrators can create and manage multiple user accounts within their business profile.

Set custom user permissions and role-based access levels for secure money management.

Smart business costs and fees

Wise Business is much cheaper for international money transfers than banks and other providers.

The fee is always disclosed upfront before the transfer is locked.

Let’s review the fee structure:

  • Exchange Rate Upside: Average upside of 0.4% over mid-market rates. Keeps you close to the “real” exchange rate
  • Transfer fees: Flat fees based on the transfer amount start at around $3 for smaller amounts and go up to $15 for larger amounts.
  • Processing Fee: A small additional fixed fee per transfer. (generally $1-3)
  • Express Delivery Fee: There is an additional fixed fee. If you choose express delivery to get your money faster. Starting at around $9

For example, transferring $10,000 from USD to EUR will incur a total fee of approximately $51, which is an effective fee of only 0.51% of the transfer amount.

At the bank, the same transfer can cost $200 or more. When considering the unclear exchange rate premium.

The fee estimator on Wise’s website allows you to calculate the total cost for the transfer based on the details entered. This provides transparency up front.

Overall, costs through Wise Business are often five to eight times cheaper than traditional money transfer services from banks and money senders.

Transfers reach destinations much faster thanks to Wise’s direct banking partnerships around the world.

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Smart business services and features

Wise Business offers a full range of money transfer services tailored to business needs around the world:

1. Online Transfer

The Wise Business platform enables fast online money transfers to over 80 countries. Send money easily through your desktop or mobile app.

Online transfers are completed within 24 hours for standard delivery.

2. Multi-currency account

Open a local currency bank account with Wise in over 10 currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP.

Holds global balances Instantly convert between currencies. and pay from a specific account

3. Local bank details

Get unique local bank account details to receive direct business payments in over 50 countries. Avoid inefficient intermediary banks and save on fees.

4. Global invoicing

Create and send professional invoices worldwide. Then receive payments directly into your Wise account, send dunning alerts, and view invoice status in real time.

5. Pay suppliers worldwide

Easily pay supplier invoices in local currency through Wise Business, making payments to international partners faster, cheaper and more transparent.

6. Salary

Process payroll for overseas employees and contractors through Wise Business at a low cost. Pay workers in local currency via direct deposit.

7. POS and Billing

Accept payments online and at the point of sale through Wise Business, even across borders. Customer payments are deposited directly into your Wise account.

8. Custom debit card

Order Wise Business Mastercard’s for ATM access to account balances worldwide. and pay in person/online in over 150 currencies with interbank rates.

9. Company expenses

Automatic submission and refund of employee expense claims in various currencies through the platform.

10. Functional invoicing address

Get a specific address to list invoices in key countries. To support compliance needs and facilitate local payments

11. Report

Generate detailed reports on accounting activities. View past transfers Separate customer invoices and follow cash flow trends Customize reports as needed

12. Notifications

Create rate and payment alerts tailored to your business needs. For easier money management and tracking

13. API Access

The Wise API allows integration of Wise Business transfers, multi-currency payments. and the data fits seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows.

14. Dedicated Support

Enjoy priority email and phone support from Wise Money operations experts who are available to help your business around the clock.

15. Help getting started

Smart experts will help you navigate regulatory requirements when setting up your business account to ensure a smooth cross-border onboarding.


Wise Business gives growing companies everything they need to move money between countries efficiently and inexpensively.

Money reaches its destination quickly with Wise’s extensive banking integrations around the world. Transparent and competitive pricing far exceeds traditional money transfers.

Robust tools for invoicing Payroll, marketplaces, and more help seamlessly manage global payments from a single platform.

Paired with great exchange rates and outstanding customer support, Wise Business takes the hassle out and unlocks huge savings for your borderless business.

Frequently asked questions

Is Wise Business legal and compliant?

Yes, Wise legally holds worldwide licenses in all jurisdictions where it is offered.

Complies with all relevant remittance regulations and bank requirements.

What types of businesses use Smart Business?

Businesses of all types and sizes in over 200 countries use Wise Business to transfer and receive money internationally.

Popular among online businesses, freelancers, agencies, and global suppliers. Affiliate marketers and more

What can I pay for with Wise Business?

You can pay invoices, contractors, suppliers, affiliates, employees, taxes, and other business obligations domestically or internationally using Wise Business, a service optimized for B2B payments.

How long does it take to transfer money?

Most transfers are completed within 1-3 business days. Express delivery reaches many destinations within 24 hours for approved currency sent expedited. Tracking shows real-time transfer status.

Can I cancel the transfer?

Transfers can be canceled before the funds are converted to the recipient’s currency, which happens quickly.

After exchanging currency Unable to cancel money transfer So please check the details are correct before confirming.

Is Wise Business safe to use?

Yes, Wise uses bank-level security. Includes 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication.

Complies with all data protection regulations such as GDPR. No account data is sold or used for marketing.

Does Wise have a mobile app?

Yes, Wise has convenient iOS and Android apps to manage transfers and accounts from your smartphone while on the go. The app received high marks for usability.

How does Wise compare to PayPal?

Wise offers lower fees. Better exchange rate More supported currencies Faster money transfers More transparency and specialized business services

However, PayPal offers simpler and more brand-name invoicing in the United States.

Does Wise charge a pickup fee?

No, Wise does not charge any fees. To receive money into your account Only for sending This inbound payment service is free.

Can I use Wise without a business?

The Smart Personal Account is intended for personal transfers by individuals.

To access business tools like invoicing Payroll and higher transfer limits Officially register your business when opening a Wise account.

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