African Export-Import Bank Internship Program (Afreximbank)

African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) is a multilateral financial institution established for the purpose of financing and promoting trade within and beyond Africa. Shareholders include African governments. Private and institutional investors in Africa as well as non-African private investors and institutions.

The Bank was established under the twin instruments of agreements signed by Member States and multilateral organizations which establish the status of international organizations in the Bank. The same is true of the charter that governs the organizational structure and operations. and signed by every shareholder

The bank has its headquarters in Cairo. Egypt and currently has a branch in Harare. Zimbabwe (opened in November 1996) in Abuja, Nigeria (opened in January 2003); in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (opened in 2015) and Nairobi, Kenya (in 2015). More details can be found on our website.

History of the internship

The Bank recognizes that as part of its mandate to promote and finance trade in Africa. The Bank needs to facilitate a broader understanding of the issues of trade and trade finance in Africa. as well as principles of trade finance and in particular structured trade finance, that is, the operating model. By giving good students the opportunity to do internships with the bank. It is expected that they will leave with a better knowledge of the bank’s mandate and operating model. which they will use to develop their careers There is no doubt that there will be direct benefits to banks and in general for African trade. Interns are also expected to contribute fresh and diverse ideas to the Bank’s operations. The internship is open to students who are nationals of the bank’s member countries. The list can be viewed on the bank’s website. This program attracts many highly qualified applicants. Enter the program based on merit.

Eligibility Criteria

This program is open to students who:

  1. Students with proven full-time enrollment at an undergraduate or postgraduate level in a recognized educational institution in the internship year will be preferred. The bank is especially interested in applicants with the following fields of study: economics, business administration, finance, accounting, social sciences, statistics, law or related fields.
  2. Nationals of member states of the Bank
  3. Fluency in English or French and working knowledge of others. Knowledge of Arabic or Portuguese will be an advantage and
  4. Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 32 in the year they apply for the internship.
  5. What other applicants may be approved by the President?
  6. Children of Afreximbank staff are not eligible to participate in this program.


Internships up to six months are offered twice a year. (June and December) Internship applications accepted throughout the year.


The bank can accept only two applicants each season. A total of four people per year unless specifically approved by the President Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Application process

Applicants must complete the online internship application form along with the following:

  1. job application letter;
  2. A copy of their current CV
  3. Copy of valid passport;
  4. Certified copies of relevant educational certificates
  5. Internship recommendations from participating educational institutions This should include a proposed internship period of up to six months.
  6. A short statement of intent (maximum 1 A4 page) stating what they hope to gain from the internship program.

Start internship

Once accepted Successful applicants will have two weeks to accept a conditional offer from the bank. Otherwise, the offer will expire. During this time They must provide proof of possession of health insurance and group personal accident cover that is valid in Egypt. (or designated internship location) during the internship period Failure to notify this before the start of the internship will automatically lead to withdrawal of the offer.

Interns must begin their internship within the first month of each internship season.

When starting Interns will be taken through the bank’s normal orientation process. It was then moved to a dedicated core department. The department head will select a mentor for them during the internship period. However, throughout the internship period They will be rotated among the different departments of the bank as deemed appropriate by their advisors and department heads.

At the end of the internship Applicants will be required to write a report on what they gained from the internship. and how they intend to use this knowledge to promote internal trade and further trade in Africa.

Internship Terms and Conditions

Interns are required to cover their own upkeep during the internship program, including accommodation, food, transportation, clothing, medical expenses. and group personal accident insurance

However, the Bank will provide the following free of charge to successful qualifying interns:

  1. Before starting work, cover reasonable return transportation costs to the internship location. using the most economical and direct route from their educational institution This is in line with the bank’s travel policy.
  2. Monthly tax-free stipend of $800 USD, payable at the end of each month. To help pay for living expenses
  3. Accommodation in hotels selected by the bank (Bed and Breakfast only) for one week during the orientation period. Upon arrival at the internship location for interns depending on the original location
  4. Transfer to hotel upon arrival and vice versa upon departure upon successful completion of the internship program; and
  5. Applicable visa for the duration of the internship program, if required.

Other conditions

Hotel accommodation fees cannot be exchanged for cash.

  1. For the purpose of managing competency requirements All trainees are linked to the Associate grade in the bank’s current grade structure. Any miscellaneous expenses that may be required (e.g. travel if required) will use this grade as the basis of the award.
  2. Interns are not contract or regular employees of the bank. Therefore, there is no right to receive any benefits. That happens to different types of employees. of the bank in any case
  3. Applicants can intern with the bank only once and for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.
  4. The Internship does not in any way promise any type of employment with the Bank before, during or after the Internship, and
  5. Interns must comply with the bank’s regulations as stated in various documents. (including the Employee Handbook) and conduct yourself in a manner expected of all employees of the Bank In case of violation of bank regulations The management reserves the right to cancel the internship program and all participant benefits with one day’s notice without any obligation. As for the bank

How to use

Interested and qualified applicants should click here to apply.

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