20 Best Companies in the USA Hiring Remote Workers

Looking for a company that hires remote foreign workers in the United States?

This is because more companies are embracing remote work. There is now a great opportunity for people around the world to work for top U.S. employers.

In this article, we will highlight the 20 best American companies that hire remote workers from other countries.

These organizations offer positions in fields such as technology, customer service, sales, writing, and more.

Working remotely for a US company You will gain valuable experience. Earn a competitive salary and enjoy a flexible schedule.

Many companies also offer benefits such as medical plans and retirement savings. Read on to learn which companies are currently specially welcoming remote international talent.

Best Companies in USA to Hire Remote Foreign Workers

Here are the best companies that hire remote workers in the United States:

1. Microsoft

Tech giant Microsoft hires remote workers from all over the world. Open positions include Software Engineer. Product Manager Data scientists, designers, researchers, and more

Special privileges include health insurance, vacation, and parental leave. and access to training resources

2. Amazon

Amazon has many remote opportunities around the world. Especially in the customer service role.

As a customer service associate You’ll handle customer inquiries via email, chat, and phone.

The ability to empathize and communicate clearly is important. Amazon offers compensation. Benefits and competitive promotion opportunities

3. Apple

Apple is known for its innovative products. There are also job openings for remote workers. Roles such as At Home Advisor provide technical support to clients around the world.

You’ll resolve issues via phone and chat in the home office. Apple offers comprehensive paid training. This includes medical, financial and wellness benefits.

4. Google

Google is famous for its flexible work culture. This tech company is accepting remote employees around the world. There are job openings in engineering, sales, writing, product development, and more.

Benefits include health insurance. Income Protection Equipment and learning stipends, bonuses, and vacation.

5. Good at work

Upwork operates a global freelancing platform. Therefore, remote working is ingrained in its culture.

Professionals around the world can find freelance work in fields such as programming, marketing, design, writing, administrative work, and more.

The company also offers full-time remote positions in departments such as sales and recruiting.

6. Trip Advisor

Travel site TripAdvisor allows employees to work from home offices around the world.

Open roles include business development. Accounting management, finance, marketing, commercial strategy and more.

The company considers its culture to be supportive. There is variety. And being involved is a great advantage.

7. Grammar

This writing productivity platform employs editors, engineering, marketing, sales, support, and other remote workers around the world.

Grammarly team members can shape a product used by millions while working wherever they want.

The company offers unlimited vacation time. Plus compensation for setting up a home office. continuous learning and co-working space

8. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe provides speech-to-text transcription services powered by remote workers around the world.

Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available for those who wish to transcribe files in various languages.

The company emphasizes a collaborative culture and the ability to accommodate a variety of schedules.

9. Glass door

Glassdoor operates a major job site and company review site. This remote company has job openings in engineering, product, marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and more.

Including competitive wages and stellar health insurance, Glassdoor also offers volunteer days, volunteer days, and professional development stipends.

10. Wikimedia Foundation

The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation operates Wikipedia and related Wikimedia projects. International applicants are welcome for remote roles in fields such as engineering, product design. Program management and more

The foundation will provide health benefits. Unlimited vacation period Family leave, vacation, and professional development opportunities

11. Salesperson

Cloud software provider Salesforce has been very open to managing remote work.

The company is recruiting account executives. Solution Engineer Technical Architect, Writer, Product Manager and other locations around the world

Benefits include stock compensation, medical care, life insurance, and vacation.

12. Investing in loyalty

Financial services company Fidelity Investments opens client services for remote employees around the world.

You’ll help customers answer questions and complete transactions via phone, chat, email, and social media.

Fidelity says remote employees can advance their careers on par with office-based workers. Competitive pay and benefits are offered.

13. SAP

Multinational software company SAP often hires from overseas for remote positions in fields such as engineering, consulting, marketing, finance, and human resources.

SAP promotes diversity and inclusion. and provide generous health care Saving for retirement Vacation time, scholarships and other benefits

14. Intuition

Intuit, developer of software like Quickbooks and TurboTax, embraces remote work management.

Professionals all over the world can find job vacancies in the field of engineering. Product management, design, data science Cyber ​​Security, Marketing, and More

The ability to work remotely helps Intuit attract and retain top talent.

15. VMware

This cloud computing/virtualization technology company hires remote workers around the world for jobs like software engineering. Product Management, Design, and Technical Writing

VMware is a leader in inclusion and offers great benefits and professional development opportunities.

16. Consentrix

Concentrix has many remote customer support roles open to applicants worldwide.

As a bilingual customer support representative You’ll be able to handle inquiries via chat, email, text, and social media in your language.

Concentrix provides the technology, training, and resources to ensure success working from home.

17. Around the World101

Worldwide101 specializes in virtual support services powered by online administration experts worldwide.

Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available for those providing customer support in scheduling. Email management, research, data entry, and other tasks

Flexible schedules and fair compensation make the company an attractive remote work option.

18. Lion Bridge

Lionbridge provides translation, localization and translation services. and services in other languages With the help of remote employees around the world

Both full-time and part-time positions are available in areas such as translation, quality assurance. Project management and language operations

This is a great option for bilingual professionals looking for international remote work.

19. Belay

BELAY offers virtual assistant services for businesses and executives.

The company hires international assistants to provide calendar management. Email management Travel coordination, research, data entry and other administrative support

Full-time and part-time opportunities allow for flexible schedules. BELAY offers a supportive, positive company culture with a focus on personal growth.


By expanding acceptance of remote work Professionals around the world have an excellent opportunity to support America’s leading companies remotely.

The companies listed here all welcome international applicants for jobs that can be done from home offices around the world.

By emphasizing skills, experience, and work ethic. and the ability to collaborate across borders. You will be offered a rewarding remote role with a leading US brand.

In addition to competitive compensation These positions also provide opportunities to gain valuable knowledge. Expand your professional network and work with the support team

So, if you dream of working remotely for an American company. Now is the perfect time to explore many different possibilities.

As more and more employers realize the power of a distributed workforce, Remote hiring will only continue to expand.

By identifying companies that are open to international talent You can start an exciting career in the US from anywhere.


Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about working remotely for U.S. companies. While abroad:

What types of remote work are available to people outside the United States?

Many American companies employ remote international workers in positions such as customer service, software engineering, writing, translation, design, sales, and administrative support.

There are openings in many fields and levels.

US companies What benefits are provided to remote expatriate employees?

Benefits vary. But this usually includes health insurance. Retirement savings plan paid holidays family leave Professional development compensation and bonuses

Perks such as flexible scheduling Cost of equipment for working at home and comprehensive culture It also enhances the remote experience.

Do I need to be fluent in English to work remotely for a US company?

Fluency in English is required for most remote jobs in the United States. Although some customer service and translation roles are staffed by bilingual employees.

Clear written and verbal English communication skills are highly desirable for success in working remotely.

US companies Hire remote freelancers?

Some US companies, such as Upwork and Transcribe Me, offer independent remote work opportunities.

Others employ most of their employees on a full- or part-time basis. However, they may be hired on a project-based basis, such as graphic design and writing.

Can I work US Hours remotely from another country?

Many American companies are flexible about working hours for international team members. Some places adjust their expectations to reflect local time zones.

Some allow US business hours to be adjusted to suit schedules and personal commitments. Discuss scheduling needs when exploring roles.

Is a degree required to work remotely for a US company?

Educational requirements vary according to role. Although some positions require degrees and certifications, But work that uses other skills Give importance to direct experience rather than formal education.

Emphasize knowledge gained from all learning experiences.

Do I need a work visa or remote work permit for a US company?

In most cases You can legally work from abroad for an American company. without the need for a visa or special permit

Local labor regulations and tax laws should be consulted for your situation.

How can I find and apply for a remote position with a US company?

Check out major online job postings. Also include each company’s website to view job openings. Networking through LinkedIn and other platforms It can help as well.

When applying, highlight relevant qualifications. communication ability self motivation and a desire to join a world-class team

What equipment is required for remote work for American employers?

Their needs vary. But at least You will need a reliable laptop or desktop computer, a smartphone, and a stable internet connection. and private work space

Some companies offer stipends to offset the purchase of appropriate home office equipment.

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