Donate Car for Tax Credit

How does tax deduction work when donating a car? Donate Car for Tax Credit

Collecting this old clonker in your home backyard or driveway can cost a large amount of money for your favorite charity and provide a good tax writing for you.

The sky for new and used cars has promoted the demand for wasteful cars that can be auctioned for parts or for recovery and reuse. Charity organizations that seek unwanted vehicles – regardless of this condition – when cars are sold.

Donors are potentially eligible to get tax deductions for vehicle price.

Many charitable organizations make you easy to donate your car and can lift it if it is no longer running. But if you hope to claim deduction for your donation, you have to follow the IRS rules.


When you hand over an old car to charity, you must take advantage of this deduction, you must:


You will need to itemize the COT deductions of your tax breaks for your contribution. If, however, you claim standard deduction – which is about 90 90 % of taxpayers – then donating your car will not benefit you at the time of tax.


Your written amount and documents you need will depend on what the vehicle’s cost and what the charitable will do with it. The organization can use or sell it in its work and maintain revenue.

Regardless of how a charity uses the vehicle, if you intend to claim that the car price is more than $ 500, you will have to receive a written confession of donation. This confession must contain:

  • Your name and social security number or taxpayer identification number
  • Car vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • The date of contribution
  • Confirm that Charity did not provide any goods or services in exchange for donations – or estimates the cost of any goods and services that were provided
  • If the charity sells your car, your deduction is limited to the income from sales – which you think may be less than the car price.

For example, you say that you donate a car to a charity, an estimated price of 000 3,000, but the charity sells the car for $ 2,000. In this case, your deduction is at $ 2,000.

Once the car is sold, the charity should send 1098-C, “contributions to motor vehicles, boats and planes” within 30 days. Should contain the form:

  • A statement that confirms that Charity sold the car to “Arm Length transactions between irrelevant parties”. In other words, Charity did not sell it to an employee or any other relevant party
  • Date the day the car was sold
  • Gross revenue derived from sales

However, if a charity plans to use the car in his work, you can reduce the fair market value of the car on this date that you have donated to it. In this case, a written confession by the charity should confirm that the organization intends to use the vehicle and describe the required use.

When you file it, you will need to connect Form 1098-C or any other written confession in your tax return, and Form 8283, “Non Cash Charitable partnerships”. If you use any of today’s best online tax software, the program should automatically fill out the required form for you after answering questions about your donation.

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