QUEST Scholarships for Engineering Studies in UK 2023

QUEST Scholarships to Study Engineering in the UK are primarily for interested and eligible students to study Civil Engineering in the UK.

QUEST provides funding assistance for civil engineers at all levels. Most importantly, it helps promote new talent. Enter the profession which can go out and develop the world around us

QUEST award categories

1. Undergraduate Scholarships

Students who will be starting the first year of a full-time JBM accredited civil engineering degree program in the UK.

Valued up to £8,000, with links to potential employers in advance.

2. Technician scholarship

Students in or due to begin a further or tertiary education course that may lead to a professionally qualified ICE technician (EngTech).

Valued up to £1,000, with links to potential employers ahead of time.

3. Eloise Plunkett reward

Female members who have recently completed professional qualifications (CEng, IEng or EngTech) who are based in the UK and carrying out projects abroad with a focus on civil engineering.

Value up to £2,500

4. Travel Rewards

Members who have completed a degree or professional qualification (CEng, IEng or EngTech – individual or group) with 2 years of membership traveling abroad for civil engineering related projects or activities.

Values ​​up to £1,500 for individuals and £6,000 for groups.

5. Kenneth Watson Travel Awards

student member (individual or group) in the first year of study in the UK but will be traveling abroad to participate in a project or activity related to civil engineering

Values ​​up to £1,500 for individuals and £4,500 for groups.

6. Continuing Education Awards

Graduates and members of a professional qualification (CEng, IEng or EngTech) with more than 2 years of work experience who wish to start a course to support their professional qualifications and progression.

Value up to £1,000

How to use

To apply for a QUEST award for studying civil engineering in the UK You need to go to the official funding page. and select the award category appropriate to your level of education. for details on how to apply

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