Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) Recruitment

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Employment Portal 2023 ( – The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is a government agency charged with the responsibility of managing immigration in Nigeria.

Over the years The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has seen many changes since it was separated from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in 1958. As we all know, the Immigration Service has been entrusted with To perform the main immigration duties under The head position of Chief Immigration Officer (CFIO) and the first person to sit in that chair is held by Mr. EH Harrison.

The Emergency Department inherited the Immigration Act of 1958 to implement its operations at its inception. The Department has a narrow scope of operations and maintains a low-profile and simple approach to achieving its goals and objectives. government needs During this time Only the visa and business departments were established.

However, on 1 August 1963, the Department of Immigration was officially established by an Act of Parliament, Cap I71, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. The head of the department became known as the Director of Immigration. Therefore, the first immigration officials were former PDRC officials.

It became a department under the control and supervision of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs (FMIA) as a government outfit.

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Employment Portal 2023 –

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for full-time recruitment and appointment at the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) 2023:

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Important Requirements for Nigeria Immigration Recruitment:

Applicants must:

  • It’s Nigerian by With
  • Have a national identification number
  • be healthy
  • Present a medical fitness certificate from a government hospital.
  • Must pass a drug test.
  • Have good character and must not have been convicted of a criminal offence. and must not be a member of a secret society/cult
  • Escape from financial embarrassment
  • Be between 18-30 years old, except for doctors and pharmacists who are under 35 years old.
  • Must have a minimum height of 1.65 m for men and 1.60 m for women.
  • Have a chest measurement of not less than 0.87 meters for men.
  • Have knowledge of computers and
  • Any certificate or qualification that are not announced and accepted at the job center will not be accepted after recruitment.
Applicants with any of the following physical challenges are not required to apply for the ongoing Nigerian Immigration Service:
  • speech impediments (stammering / mute
  • severe tooth abnormalities
  • My knees collapsed.
  • Bend your knees
  • bowling legs
  • K-leg
  • flat feet
  • limbs
  • Bent arm/hand deformity/broken bone
  • Vision abnormalities (strabismus, strabismus, monocular and complete blindness)
  • Cutting any part of the body
  • Hearing impaired (deaf), hunchbacked, obesity, medical challenges
  • Any physical abnormality not mentioned and
  • Please note that due to the intensity of the exercise In the recruitment process, pregnant women do not need to apply.

Submitting an application

Online applications should be submitted within four (4) weeks of this announcement via the NIS portal:

Computer Based Test (CBT)

A computer-based test will be required for selected applicants. The appropriate day and time must be informed to such person.

How to Apply for the Nigerian Immigration Service

Here are the steps to apply for the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) in 2023.

  • Visit the NIS employment portal (
  • Click the register button at the top right.
  • You will need to enter a valid email address and phone.
  • Specify the position you want to apply for as specified.
  • Make sure you fill in your details correctly (e.g. name, marital status, educational background, religion, etc.).
  • Make sure you activate your account by clicking the confirmation email sent to you.
  • finished! Any developments related to your application will be communicated to you.
  • NOTE: All applications must be submitted on or before the deadline.

Click here to apply

You may want to apply;

Please note

This application process is Absolutely free.Nigerian Immigration Services will never Any form of payment is requested from applicants. All applicants are subject to a fair recruitment process.

NIS application closing date

According to PRO “Applications will be processed for four weeks from the date of announcement. Members of the public are encouraged to take this opportunity and apply.” he said.

Please note:

  • The job may no longer be available when you go to the Apply Now page. But we promise to always provide you with the latest updates on this offer.
  • The above work is subject to change.
  • You must visit regularly to get the latest updates.

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