How to become a DSTV 2023 Agent

How to become a DSTV agent: Have you ever wondered how to become a DSTV agent and earn money? In this post, we will share with you step by step how to become a DSTV agent wherever you are.

You and I know that DSTV has become one of the largest satellite TV providers in Africa overall.

In 2018, across sub-Saharan Africa there were 13.5 million DStv subscribers, with 7 million in South Africa alone. The total number of DSTV PVR decoders reached 1.4 million in 2018.

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These statistics show how big the industry you are entering is. Want to break into this bustling industry? You must be an agent

What do you need to be a DSTV agent in Nigeria?

We will show you some of the requirements to become an agent.

  • Becoming a DSTV agent does not require any training. A little technical training may be appropriate. This is because the duties of a DSTV representative involve installation and repair.
  • It takes capital to run this business. As an agent, you will need a lot of money to run the business. Because a DSTV franchise is what you get.
  • Your ability to build relationships with people will be helpful in running a business like this. You represent a company in the area where your company is located. Many questions, inquiries, and complaints from potential customers are asked from time to time.

Agent’s duties

  • Installation
  • repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sales department
  • advice etc.

Where to set up your DSTV agency business?

As the company is growing rapidly, DSTV is in high demand. To break even as a DSTV agent, we recommend that you establish your business in a location where you have a higher population.

How to become a DSTV agent

Most MultiChoice agents I know live in cities or major cities that support a large number of businesses.

Is there any training before becoming an agent?

Want to be a successful DSTV representative? You must receive technical training from Multichoice (parent company).

Multichoice will show you some of the things you need to know about the technical side of the job. While interpersonal skills need to be developed by you.

How to register for DSTV agent training

  • If you want to register as an agent You need to download the form through the DSTV website first.
  • After filling out the downloaded form You will send the completed form to the company via their email address.

How much money do you need?

You must enter into a financial agreement called a franchise fee with the company. This fee is a prerequisite to becoming a DSTV agent. MultiChoice will guide you and provide you with the methods and resources so you can start your business.

What you need to qualify to become a DSTV agent

  • As stated above You must attend a training course organized by Multichoice.
  • After training You will be assessed if you meet the required criteria.

In summary

You can also search for agents around you for consultation. Having a consultant will help you expedite the entire process.

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