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Dragnet Solutions Limited was founded in 2005 but became fully operational in 2007. Today, Dragnet is established with the most up-to-date technology. Our decades in business confirm that we are the most experienced in terms of history.
Over the years We continue to reaffirm our position as the most leading company in Nigeria. In terms of installing computerized screening tests The fact that our technology has been adopted by several ‘global’ organizations spanning all sectors of the Nigerian economy is an important testament to our claims.
Dragnet Solutions Limited is widely regarded as the leading provider of computerized testing (CBT) solutions in Nigeria, having successfully executed testing campaigns across 66 testing centers across 32 states and the Federal Capital Territory. center

Dragnet recruits and vets applicants for major companies in Nigeria, making them the leading recruitment company in Nigeria.

Dragnet past questions are of indifferent category.

  • Numerical Reasoning Quiz, which has 20 questions and answers, you can expect to spend 20 minutes on this section.
  • The Verbal Reasoning Quiz consists of 20 questions and answers with a total time of 20 minutes.
  • Abstract Reasoning (Inductive) with 10-16 questions, takes approximately 10 minutes.

Total NIGERIA past questions and answers 2019 are also obtained from this educational park. So I will recommend that if you are selected for this exam. Please message us to get this past question and answer.

How can I get Dragnet Past Questions and Answers Pack?

You can download the Dragnet past questions and answers PDF file by following the steps listed.

  • WhatsApp or call number 09056816975
  • or pay the amount of 2,500 according to the account details below
  • Name: Ukweje Chukwemeka N.

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