Best Courses for Public Relations in Australia 2023

Australia is a popular destination for Indian students who want to migrate abroad.

With high quality education Attractive post-study work rights and Permanent Residency (PR) options, Australia offers the complete package.

Choosing the right course is essential to increasing your chances of gaining publicity after studying in Australia.

This article will reveal the most popular courses for PR in Australia. along with eligibility criteria and long-term scope

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Why study in Australia for PR?

Australia has a rapidly growing international education industry. Supported by world-class universities and vocational institutes

Graduates can receive a post-study work visa for up to 4 years, depending on their qualifications.

Post-school work experience during this period can greatly help PR applications by increasing your score in areas such as Australian Skilled Work Experience. and support from employers

PR Pathways courses like SkillSelect and state-sponsored visas look great when compared to degrees from Australian institutions. Graduates in high-demand careers are especially rewarded.

Overall, studying full-time in Australia prepares students for the transition to skilled migration and permanent residency if desired.

Best Courses for Public Relations in Australia in 2023

Not all qualifications are created equal when it comes to skilled immigration potential.

Here are the best courses for PR in Australia in 2023:

engineering degrees

Engineering subjects such as civil, mechanical, mechatronics, mining, petroleum and aviation are in chronic short supply in Australia.

These degrees from recognized Australian universities provide excellent PR opportunities.

IT and Computer Science degrees

With advanced digital infrastructure and a thriving tech startup scene Australia is therefore in high demand for IT professionals.

Educational qualifications in fields such as software engineering data science cyber security and app development It is a smart choice.

health care degrees

Australia’s rapidly aging population demands more healthcare workers. especially nurses physical therapist and medical laboratory technicians Clinical psychology is another option.

Teaching degrees

Experienced and qualified teachers and early childhood educators are in high demand across Australia. Primary and secondary teaching levels lead to good public relations potential.

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Accounting and Finance Degrees

from major cities to rural towns The Australian job market is actively seeking accounting and finance graduates to fill open positions. The degrees in these numerical fields provide stability.

Trade and VET courses

For practical learners Vocational courses in skilled fields such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, welding, and automotive work. Paving the way for publicity through employer sponsorship.

No matter what field you study. Full-time university courses tend to offer more grades and more publicity opportunities than shorter-term diplomas and vocational certificates.

Important Public Relations Qualification Requirements

In addition to choosing the right degree You must meet other criteria to gain PR through the tested General Skilled Migration (GSM) program:

  • Under 45 years old
  • Minimum English language proficiency score
  • Positive skills assessment for your career
  • Recent work experience in Australia in your field
  • Maximum score based on skill, age, language ability, etc.

Scoring at least 65 points is recommended to increase your chances of PR approval under the SkillSelect system.

Having a career in the mid- to long-term strategic skills list also helps.

Gaining Australian skilled work experience through post-study work rights provides a key advantage.

But success in public relations ultimately depends on the demands of your career.

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Scope and long-term advantages

Life in Australia after PR has many advantages:

  • Access to medical care under Medicare and medical services
  • Able to live and work anywhere in Australia Including remote areas
  • Options for sponsoring family members and relatives
  • Protection against deportation or removal
  • Access to government services and social security benefits
  • Ability to later become an Australian citizen if desired.

PR is the path to making Australia your long-term home safely and securely.

The scope of work for PR holders is also excellent. This is due to an ever-increasing labor shortage in fields such as healthcare, engineering, technology and education.

Graduates in these fields have a high level of desire and negotiating power.

Cost of Studying and Living in Australia

Tuition and living costs in Australia are relatively high compared to other countries. But it also comes with the potential to generate high incomes in the future:

  • Tuition: $25,000 to $45,000 per year
  • Living expenses: $15,000 to $25,000 per year.
  • Rent allowance: $200 to $350 per week.
  • Medical expenses: $500 to $600 per year

Scholarships, part-time work up to 40 hours during term and internships all help offset costs for international students in Australia.

Graduates seeking public relations work can expect a full-time starting salary in the range of $45,000 to $90,000 in fields such as engineering, IT, and healthcare. Depends on experience

This earning potential helps balance out rising costs.


Australia offers a complete package for students seeking a world-class education. Work rights of temporary graduates and the path to permanent residency

Choosing a course carefully Strong academics, language skills and work experience in Australia after your studies are key to maximizing your PR credentials.

Degrees linked to fields that are in constant demand, such as healthcare Engineering and IT remain top choices.

Completing a course of study from a reputable Australian institution is also an important immigration checkpoint.

With proper planning and effort The Australian PR dream is therefore very much attainable for international graduates.

Amazing way of life Career opportunities and safety in immigration Make this a worthwhile long-term goal.

Frequently asked questions

Which courses have the most publicity opportunities?

Engineering, nursing, medicine, IT and accounting generally have the best PR prospects given Australia’s ongoing skills shortage.

Is a Master’s Degree More Useful for Public Relations?

In most cases A master’s degree will give you a slight advantage, but it’s not significant. Relevant Australian work experience after graduation is more important.

How long does the public relations process take after graduation?

Most students apply for PR in their final semester. The application process takes 6-8 months if all requirements are met.

Can I get a PR directly after graduation?

It is possible but difficult. Gaining skilled work experience locally through a post-study visa helps greatly when applying directly to PR.

What jobs can I find after PR?

PR allows you to live and work in any profession. Everywhere in Australia Your degree and experience will guide you in finding a job in that field.

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